The research group on Wood Structures and Technology of the University of Valladolid ( is a multidisciplinary team formed by researchers from the Departments of Architectural Constructions, Land Engineering and Structures, based in the ETS of Architecture of Valladolid, and that of Agricultural and Agroforestry Engineering, located in the E.T.S. of Agrarian Engineering of Palencia.

It is integrated by professionals and researchers with experience in the fields of construction and architectural restoration and wood technology respectively and incorporates graduates and, on a rotating basis, PhD students and others coming from last courses of both degrees.

Research Lines:

L1. Diagnosis, conservation and restoration of existing wood structures, whether monumental or not, oriented to facilitate decision-making with sound technical criteria on a scientific basis. Using non-destructive testing techniques (NDT) such as; ultrasound, resistographs, penetrometers, MENS sensors… Development of a methodology for the evaluation of the state of the structural elements of wood in the Spanish historical cultural heritage

L2. Evaluation of the reliability of wooden structures in the cultural interest goods (BIC) of Castilla-León using resistographic techniques

L3. Calculation of mixed wood-concrete elements subjected to bending with simulation of the behavior of the connectors using the finite element method

L4. Development of prototypes from lignocellulosic materials;

 Spanish Patent: «Duo and trio wood beams reinforced by glued strips» ES 2338743, for their construction destination.

 2 Prometheus 2019; «Cork protectors for plantations» as substitutes for the most common plastic, «Light technological board with lignocellulosic material»

L5 Development and testing of the antifungal activity of natural protectors for wood based on nanometals and natural materials such as; chitosan, oligomers of chitosan and propolis.

The Wood Laboratory has equipment for the microscopic identification of wood and elastic-mechanical characterization of wood and wood products.


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