My name is Daria Chriastelova and I am contacting you from Placement Slovakia programme to introduce you our free service to improve the mobility
of EU students and graduates to Slovakia. We are a non profit training organisation specializing in arranging international internships in Slovakia for university/college students and graduates from across Europe in frame of the LLP Mobility Programmes – Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus (now Erasmus +)with different approach.

We offer high quality internship opportunities in many sectors throughout Slovakia with the minimum duration of 5 months with english working language and we would very much like to offer these positions to your students as well.

Current opportunities with all information about the programme and how to apply can be found at our web site I am also attaching a new free position of Animal Handler, since I’ve seen that at your University there is a faculty of Agriculture. We also search „tailor made“  positions based on candidate’s applications submitted in case there is not  desired placement available at the moment of applying.Our services are completely free for students and universities alike and all internships are provided with accommodation, so interns can use their grants to cover other living costs to enjoy their internship period even more.

I would be pleased if you could inform your students about this opportunity, which makes finding of suitabe internship positions easier. For the past years we have hosted interns from almost all EU countries and some of them even stayed working in their companies until now.

I believe that also your students find our programme beneficial and we will welcome some of them in Slovakia soon.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.(We are open to discuss other possible forms of cooperation and also able to help your students/paticipants from other educational levels in due course.)

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